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Meeting the Voracious demands of a Global consumer

From our humble beginnings as a OEM food producer, LKT has over the years carefully positioned itself as a leading food manufacturer in Malaysia with global ambitions.

Over the years we have seen a rapid and insatiable demand for our products which has fueled our growth internationally. Today, LKT Food Industries operates a 60,000 sq.ft production facility in the southern state of Malaysia, which is ideally placed between Johor PTP , Pasir Gudang Ports and Port of Singapore.

As certified KKM, HACCP, JAKIM HALAL, VHM certified food producer, we take pride in the quality of our products with one simple goal. We want to provide you with a great tasting, healthy, affordable and quality product which your whole family can enjoy.

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Creating Recognizable Brands

To know if you are eating well, you first thing you’d do is the check the brand of the product. This is precisely the reason why we have built three very recognizable brands for all our food products.


Whenever you see our Lazat product, you can be assured of quality. Coined from the Malay word for delicious, the Lazat brand is created for our non-dessert product line. This branding served us well in addressing the Malaysian consumer market and due to its success, Lazat branded products have since been exported globally.

Yum Yum

This is the first brand created solely for our dessert food products and is closely associated with our Asian inspired ice lollies. As the most successful product line within our stable of brands, “Yum Yum” will be position globally for all our line of dessert products.


Created as a premium brand for our non-dessert line of food products, “Veri” food products are easily recognizable with eye catching packaging. As a premium brand, it is both a quality and affordable product line consisting of seafood, finger foods and pastry food products.

Global Markets & OEM

Global Demand for Frozen Food

As a major food manufacturer in Malaysia, we are constantly on the look out for opportunities around the world. Our branded line of products are exported to countries such as China, Singapore, India, Philippines, Brunei, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand with more to follow.

We can also cater to OEM requirements for specific export markets. As an officially sanctioned “HaIal” food producer in Malaysia, you can be assured that all our food products will be warmly received by Muslim consumers around the world.

To know how we an help you build your brand in the frozen food business, please contact us.

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